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Выходит в свет вторая книга Марии Карпинской "Расскажите мне об Отце" из серии книг "Как Марии ХРИСТА на Земле искала". На сайте размещены ключевые главы из книги.


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          A book of famouse journalist Maria Karpinskaya is an attempt to connect a world of imagination, or a private world of person with real world. This attempt has succeeded. Today on a border of times and centuries this surprising and magic book gets out. Surprising because it was written by a Woman who has past a colossal way of her soul.
             And why is she here with us? Evidently we will learn it slightly later, for the moment let's go, dear reader, to her Magic Country, where all what is written by her suddenly (or not suddenly) begins to become alive. Ahead to meeting with a Teacher who through her father's figure passed us his knowledges of the World, Earth and people on it.
               Ahead to her ship, where all of us are passengers, inhabitants of planet Earth! Smooth sailing to you!

A winner of the All-Union and International variety competitions, a winner of the International festival of actor's song of Andrei Mironov, an actress of "The Modern" theatre.

Valentina Ignatieva.



Author: Maria Karpinskaya.
Translation: Maya Nikolaeva.

Fortieth chapter of the book :



In a Holy Land as in the dark centuries,
Entangled by time from fantastic fetters,
A Love gets born - imperishable Beauty,
A friend of Death and my true Sister.

And threads connecting hardly getting torn,
And a Heavenly music is born,
And a Husband of Earth in ITS Epiphany revived!
A veil is broken off releasing Friend,
And skies are crying with the drops of rain,
And these drops are washing people's souls,
And in sad eyes reflected
The great dreams of distant countries.

The country of LOVE with it's white top
Attracts me by a courageous solution.
The country of Hope, weaved by the hand of
Creator, is playing with a mountain river.

The country of Hope gives light of distant Star,
Calls and attracts to a deep ocean.
The road there lies through the Country of GRIEF.
Oh, MY GOD, there a lot of treasures, and what an expanse!

Country of GRIEF, open for me a miracle!
I won't abandon you and I will be in You
As a queen of Time in your embraces!
I will be naked, innocent and in a spring dress!

The country of SPRING gives me some Dreams,
I cry - and pearls as tears
Fly as a white bird into it's scope.
I weave a festive pattern to the country of Hope.

And suddenly in the distance there is a country of Strangeness,
Such dear, forgotten, familiar!
I hear a ringing laughter of child,
Who are you! Where you, forgotten land?

Hello! I recognized you, fair little girl!
Your voice - my ringing stream,
And my grandmother - old granny...
The Uninvited country - I was born a little jolly girl.

The country of FUN with violent color of cherry
Laughs loudly with white flowers - quiet, quiet.
That's wind whispers the words of Love to her!
Suddenly... petals fell in greenness of young herbs.

Oh, my cherry! Don't cry about white attire,
Rejoice! Earth takes your sufferings.
In your fluffy branches You give rise to Fruit -
An ice of sweet-and-sour life in there,
And fly of parted youth,
Not girl, but WOMAN GOES!

You passed a hard, long way
And You became yourself,
The country of ancient Legends,
And woman-Dream floats in the space.
Look, there is a Country of Fire and in there so clear
Forgotten lines are designated
By ARRIVAL of MOTHER from girl-Dream!



от Жанны Де Арк

от Марии Магдалины

От Майтрейи

Здесь спрятан Ключ!!!

Тот, кто расшифрует текст, спрятанный здесь и построенный по принципу древних манускриптов, обретёт силу всех образов.

Я отрекаюсь от этого мира ,
Странник корабль летит в мир иной.
С собою беру только лиру.

Самые древние знания об истории человечества и вселенной читай в откровениях Марии.