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Выходит в свет вторая книга Марии Карпинской "Расскажите мне об Отце" из серии книг "Как Марии ХРИСТА на Земле искала". На сайте размещены ключевые главы из книги.


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          A book of famouse journalist Maria Karpinskaya is an attempt to connect a world of imagination, or a private world of person with real world. This attempt has succeeded. Today on a border of times and centuries this surprising and magic book gets out. Surprising because it was written by a Woman who has past a colossal way of her soul.
             And why is she here with us? Evidently we will learn it slightly later, for the moment let's go, dear reader, to her Magic Country, where all what is written by her suddenly (or not suddenly) begins to become alive. Ahead to meeting with a Teacher who through her father's figure passed us his knowledges of the World, Earth and people on it.
               Ahead to her ship, where all of us are passengers, inhabitants of planet Earth! Smooth sailing to you!

A winner of the All-Union and International variety competitions, a winner of the International festival of actor's song of Andrei Mironov, an actress of "The Modern" theatre.

Valentina Ignatieva.



Author: Maria Karpinskaya.
Translation: Maya Nikolaeva.

Forty-sixth chapter of the book :



I listen to myself. What is going on? Why is there this abnormal zone, from where this notorious Bermuda Triangle is here?

- Ship's boy, my friend, what is with me, help. I don't hear myself!

- Captain, the abnormal zone arose as a result of the expectation zone. It seems, someone waits for someone, but he doesn't come, moreover, he found someone third. From this the Bermuda Triangle arose. It broke all devices.

- Listen, young genius, how didn't I guess myself. Thanks, now I can hear myself so distinctly. Can you hear? It is a ringing wave sings:

                           “Heavy rain will burst sharp and slant,
                           And will shiver young Assol,
                           And people won't be able to understand again,
                           Was it or will only be.
                           The night will go, and other day will come,
                           As wave comes after wave...”

- I hear! This is Assol! She creates the expectation zone. She is standing on the cost and looks for a ship with scarlet sails. Boy, what shall we do? After all, we also have scarlet sails. If she sees them!.. We will come... and where I will find a prince? Perhaps you will become him?

- No, captain. I am not ready to become her prince. I am only studying.

- Oh, beshrew me! All hands on deck. Urgently. All the men and the young men!

In a few minutes all the male passengers stood in the white fog on the main deck. The fog was such thick that their eyes weren't visible from even fifty centimeters distance.

- Friends men! - I addressed to them solemnly, - we are in trouble, in the abnormal zone of expectation. All of you well know Assol. She waits for a prince. We can't pass to the house of the Father. A volunteer is necessary. Who will be able to become a prince for Assol?

Wind passed over the ranks of the men. They didn't know how to deal with it. There was a cleverest and a most all-knowing one. He told:

Мария Карпинская. Открытая книга детства

- Forgive, captain. You are mistaken, Assol already got her prince. He executed her cherished dream, he himself made for her a ship and took her away in his kingdom. So she doesn't need a prince.

I began to doubt and called the Beauty.

- Tell me, dear, what is with Assol? Why she stays and waits for Gray? This clever one told me that he already came to her. But I heard other story.

The Beauty put both hands on her breast. Then she suddenly threw forward the right hand with the open palm. We stood still. She started singing:

                          “Hey, listen to me, Mari,
                          I lost you on a bet!
                          You are not my wife now.
                          That is life, Mari, Ce la vie”.
                          (V. Oxikovsky)

- Beauty, it's not that. She is Assol and not Mari!

- Captain, he forgot her name. Listen – the surf rings. It says that Gray really made her the ship and arrived after her. But after another woman appeared. Artful and beautiful, devilishly beautiful. She didn't love Gray. She simply wanted to become a wife of prince and to grasp his ship with scarlet sails. She had no dream, and she coveted the dream of Assol.

These sails were too bright. They were an eyesore to her. She had an envy attack. She went to one witch which taught her to charms. And this person bewitched the prince. He forgot about his beloved, took her dreams and was washed away with this hag. Assol didn't believe and for thirty years she still waits for him. You hear, people composing the songs and talk to the prince for Assol:

Мария Карпинская. Открытая книга детства

                           “Thirty years - as one winter.
                           Listen, Gray, do not go crazy.
                           I am so tired to wait,
                           Still pray to God's mother for you!”
                           (V. Oxikovsky)

And he already doesn't hear nothing and nobody. Yes, captain, this hag finished him. He grew old gray-haired heavy drinker. And she also quite elderly now. Assol. She doesn't need a prince anymore but a man advanced in years. Only she won't accept him. For thirty years she never looked in a mirror. And thinks that time doesn't move. She remembers the Gray's face, and she won't want another.

- Listen, but what shall we do? We will all perish here, if we don't find a way out. Ship's boy, can you tell how should we help to Assol? How to cross the abnormal zone? We don't know where this wind comes from and where it blows. We will never be able to come nearer to house of the father and can be landed anywhere.

The clever man interfered and told:

- Listen, she got everyone, this Assol, with her expectation. Who needs such madwoman?! I understand - she waits for beloved. Well, please wait if you are so silly, but don't create abnormal zones for normal people! For the sake of her own love she plays such a dirty trick on everyone! I hate that crazy one so much!

- You, shut up! Where you came from so clever? - my Beauty, with the hands on her hips, started advance on the man. The lightnings of anger extorted from her eyes.

- Stop! Immediately stop all the conflict situations. Am I a captain or who?

- Listen, captain, you are same as me, woman. And to this nasty cock I'll break his muzzle. What does he understand in love? Look, he has not heart but stone in his breast. I will throw him overboard!

- No, Beauty, it will change nothing, you understand. Think not of him, think how to help Assol.

And suddenly again I had a stitch under the shovel, and the familiar red spot rose before my eyes. A strong wind begun to blow. A hurricane started. The passengers went down in holds, and only I and the ship's boy remained on the upper deck. The thought flashed: "Here a hurricane began, and my Black Dress coat again disappeared. Always like that -when there is hurricane he disappears”.

The red spot grew every second and turned into a bloody veil. I fainted. The wind carried away in different unknown directions me and my fellow-travellers...



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Здесь спрятан Ключ!!!

Тот, кто расшифрует текст, спрятанный здесь и построенный по принципу древних манускриптов, обретёт силу всех образов.

Я отрекаюсь от этого мира ,
Странник корабль летит в мир иной.
С собою беру только лиру.

Самые древние знания об истории человечества и вселенной читай в откровениях Марии.