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          A book of famouse journalist Maria Karpinskaya is an attempt to connect a world of imagination, or a private world of person with real world. This attempt has succeeded. Today on a border of times and centuries this surprising and magic book gets out. Surprising because it was written by a Woman who has past a colossal way of her soul.
             And why is she here with us? Evidently we will learn it slightly later, for the moment let's go, dear reader, to her Magic Country, where all what is written by her suddenly (or not suddenly) begins to become alive. Ahead to meeting with a Teacher who through her father's figure passed us his knowledges of the World, Earth and people on it.
               Ahead to her ship, where all of us are passengers, inhabitants of planet Earth! Smooth sailing to you!

A winner of the All-Union and International variety competitions, a winner of the International festival of actor's song of Andrei Mironov, an actress of "The Modern" theatre.

Valentina Ignatieva.



Author: Maria Karpinskaya.
Translation: Maya Nikolaeva.

The twenty-seventh chapter of the book :


Мария Карпинская. Открытая книга детства


I am again on the ship. A new and stirring blood wind blew. Love inflated the sails. It unexpectedly broke all anchors.

My ship lost control!

- My God, where is my team?

- You hear me!

- Get on the ship quick!

- It gets carried away in an open ocean of cosmos!

- If you aren't in time, I won't be able to take you with me.

- The ship isn't subjected to me anymore!

- Ship's boy, take a loud-hailer and convoke all aboard. Those who weren't in time, let catch up with us later.

- We are no waiting for anybody! Beauty, you was in time! You looked for Love. I remember you, Madonna. You don't shout from pain any more! Your cheeks redden. Your time came! This travel for You. What can you tell me, dear?

- What do you think? What expects us ahead?


- Well, you said! You said in such way that now the descendants will break over it their heads for millennia!

The Beauty inclined her head, smiled and silently left on the lower deck to clean a dirt.

The dawn only began. The first beam of sun slipped on the deck and cheerfully ran over faces of passengers.

“Somehow my team strongly depleted. Yes... with such wind and at such storm any normal person won't get on the ship. Only mad people are left.”

The wind began to wheeze, and together with it the Vladimir Vysotsky's song began to sound, the words are hardly distinguishable, and only scraps of phrases are audible:

“At the times of universal flood...
On the land love silently crept out,
And it dissolved in air till certain time.
And certain time meant - forty of forty.
And there are some courageous men,
Who swallowed of this mix.”

The song sounded, and our ship turned into a fragile small boat, which got carried in the ocean...

How much time passed - unclear. I didn't believe any more that we will survive and won't break of reeves. The sails saw a better days and lost their fine scarlet color. They became bloody. The dawns and declines too were impregnated with blood. Yes... such show not for the weak ones!

Unexpectedly the wind weakened. The horizon designated with an accurate line, and a frivolous voice of the wind brought a playful song:

“From the Liverpool harbor,
Always on Thursdays,
The ship sets out on a voyage,
To far coasts.

Only "Don" and "Magdalene",
Only "Don" and "Magdalene" -
Are the high-speed vessels.
Only "Don" and "Magdalene",
go there by the sea.”

When only the song was finished an earth became visible.

With a gentle man's voice the wind whispered to our ears:

“We rave since young times:
Love, love, love...
Isn't that so, friends,
Isn't that so, friends?
With it is hard,
But without it is impossible.
Forward, my destiny,
Ah, no! Lord be with you!
Isn't that so, friends,
Isn't that so, friends?
With it - maybe unsweetened,
But without it is impossible!”

The ship's boy saw her first - an EARTH, a LOVE, a DESTINY. He, as a steadfast tin soldier, was at the helm together with me and looked, looked afar. And suddenly his voice rang out, sang:

- EARTH!!! CAPTAIN!!! I see the earth!

The passengers rushed out on the main deck. The people were exhausted, tired. For want of habit many of them felt sick. And only my Beauty mysteriously smiled, and her cheeks reddened as scarlet sails.

- Strike sails! Cast an anchor!

- You know where are we?

- We are on the islands of imagination. They were born owing to a volcanic activity of love.

Have a pleasant journey!




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Здесь спрятан Ключ!!!

Тот, кто расшифрует текст, спрятанный здесь и построенный по принципу древних манускриптов, обретёт силу всех образов.

Я отрекаюсь от этого мира ,
Странник корабль летит в мир иной.
С собою беру только лиру.

Самые древние знания об истории человечества и вселенной читай в откровениях Марии.