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Выходит в свет вторая книга Марии Карпинской "Расскажите мне об Отце" из серии книг "Как Марии ХРИСТА на Земле искала". На сайте размещены ключевые главы из книги.


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          A book of famouse journalist Maria Karpinskaya is an attempt to connect a world of imagination, or a private world of person with real world. This attempt has succeeded. Today on a border of times and centuries this surprising and magic book gets out. Surprising because it was written by a Woman who has past a colossal way of her soul.
             And why is she here with us? Evidently we will learn it slightly later, for the moment let's go, dear reader, to her Magic Country, where all what is written by her suddenly (or not suddenly) begins to become alive. Ahead to meeting with a Teacher who through her father's figure passed us his knowledges of the World, Earth and people on it.
               Ahead to her ship, where all of us are passengers, inhabitants of planet Earth! Smooth sailing to you!

A winner of the All-Union and International variety competitions, a winner of the International festival of actor's song of Andrei Mironov, an actress of "The Modern" theatre.

Valentina Ignatieva.



Author: Maria Karpinskaya.
Translation: Maya Nikolaeva.

The twenty-fifth chapter of the book:

Мария Карпинская. Открытая книга детства

        To Anatoly Vasilyevich I devote this.



                                                     Here it is so fine,
                                                     I won't begin to lie.
                                                     Do find your Glade too.



In the woods of Moscow there is a Glade -
A magic image of miracle,
A hidden star early ascends
And to the lake a ring falls as in the dish.

In this ring a secret plays,
It will open the river and the wood for a human,
If you tell fortunes in the early morning -
You will find some sources and open a knowledge.

From the time immemorial, from century to century
You will step in universal space,
You will open a river of Life in yourself,
There you will find your REST AND PLACE,
There you'll learn the life of trees,
Will try a water of life,
You will escape from a shameful unbelief.
There a ball of candles the Wizard-Master governs.
Feel corridors of time -
Perhaps a happiness has wandered there?
And may be you will see yourself
Or disappear in the darkness?
Perhaps, you will return a unity of world,
With the strict eyes of nature saver?
And your soul as lira will begin to sound,
And throw off masks of fashionable greatness.

Go to the fire - the magic fire
Will cast some pure and sweet dreams,
Sit there till the morning look at the sky -
You will feel a light of hidden tender star.

A step away from fire - and you appear in unknown time, far,
Not as human, but
As an unprecedented plant,
As myths of antiquity some sources will open.

With the soul experienced and ill,
You fly as a ghost and see mankind's defects.
For all the fires and Spirits of Life
There are Meetings existing and Terms.
Wake up, soul! Touch Fatherland!
Walk boldly on a spark of candles,
Now be still and with sensitive heart
Step to the Master's world, don't breathe. Be silent!

You'll see a light of his soul in the night.
In fanciful spin of laces.
It is continuing in trees,
And a tower - his lively Son is also serves
As a space for an ark of faithful Hearts,
which not forgotten the Maternal precepts.
Here no last or first -
Here all are equal, all are
the Children of Light!
Sit down on a chair - the Milky Way
Will merge with your backbone,
And the table would be trying to cling
To your hands and whisper them that you are loved.

Oh, fine Son, bright Tower!
Yours sonnets I shall not forget,
And in a moment when I'm ill and scared
I'm whispering your words: "We are Children of Light!"

Forgive that I didn't hear your voice,
Bow to you, my cordial brother!
As a late love I came out to you,
And you set me on the Right lacteal track.

Fly to a star's roundabout, brother!
Ascend to crossing of two roads -
There a table stands as a guard of Heaven's Gate,
There is a small fish shines with scales and God is watching.

Tell to the fish three treasured desires,
Don't hide the eyes! Don't lie! Believe!
"O Lord, I ask, what dreams of the Master
would enter people's hearts, open a door,
Awaken feelings and perseptions.
I want that the Master would meet Margarita,
And the Temple-child would go into wood..."

Suddenly the golden fish winked - her hidden word
Became a heaven's sense... The rain is started.
Oh, rain, the deputy of peace on the Glade!
Wash all the dirt of soul, open the eyes.

"Go to another brother-Tower, it attracts with
man-made Beauty" and... from the eyes a tear
slid with pearl and fell on floor.
So turn away and face the window!

My friend! So bitterly here you cried!
And the Son you created by winter,
But with belief in spring,
Your last treasured
Planet of Happiness, peace and warmth.
In a white dress, with the bright eyes -
As bride to you I came!

Мария Карпинская. Открытая книга детства


Two sisters.

Step to the left, step to the right -
Here two sisters, two rooms are growing.
With early spring
Big division and a lively work
Makes here place of crossing.

Look - an axe was working at dark night,
And two houses - Marfa and Maria were born,
Graceful, harmonous, amusing
Two daughters of the Master - his terrestrial blood.
One - is generous, strict and hospitable,
She is ready to feed half of world,
All in samovars and in frivolous cuts,
Feet sparkle, hips exhale a myrrh,
A magic smells of seasonings
That in a pot of soup do play,
You will drink a tea from curative herbs -
Soul sings and heart thaws.
Another sister - very strange,
Always alone and longs -
Not room, but dream,
Dozes in afternoon, at night she doesn't sleep.

Enter it, you'll see some labyrinths.
There a bosom of young flower sleeps in a bud
And waits for a fantastic prince,
Which win the heart of a Maiden.

What kind of a secret hidden there?
What does the loneliness her stores?
With the eyes of heart she is so sadly
Looks at the first sister.

Approach and at dark night
Put candle in the window,
Light fire in the breast:
Look - there a chasm,
There are no even footpaths,
Don't stand so close. Step aback!
Keep silence and peace,
Don't move and don't frighten off eternity.

It is so sensitive. And as a gentle star
Dash away on the sky and return back.
You will open infinite spaces,
And you, my friend, will know some grief,
Ah these nights, ah these looks,
That is so easy, you fly only in there!
The princess-Tower, my marvelous Light,
I want to love only you.
You hear, a record player of ancient longs,
It sings of Rio-rita, tenderness and moon.
You are elusive and learned by nobody,
And there is no bottom in your soul.
A jug with water on the window. A candle and rose.
Three secrets of the Master. And you are the one of these.

Мария Карпинская. Открытая книга детства


The house of sun.

Attention! Look at the sun!
You'll see a Tower with three windows.
Here the Master awaited by loneliness,
And in the bell tower live prophecies.
In the treasured corner of his soul
Broadcasts a Bell.
Stay! Think! Don't rush!
In it a sound of cosmic code.
And all the soul of Russian folk.
"Listen!" - transmits the lively bell,
For souls which aren't asleep in backwoods.
"I want to tell you, friends,
My sound unifies us in one family."
And seven minutes - as a moment whole,
As chant of heaven's angels.
Open moment and you learn Eternity.
Here - you are a child, his laughter. Carelessness,
Fire. And there trees are dying,
Through the pain of tears given rise to sun.
Here a young man and a girl go to the river
And I see two castles, ladas in the distance.
They are gorgeous - alone in the night,
Two voices, two hearts, two candles.
My lovely Master - here you guessed
A destiny of Russia. A ship of rescue. Its moorage.
Hey! On your moorage - there is a Messiah!
An ark is constructed - all Russia is in it.



от Жанны Де Арк

от Марии Магдалины

От Майтрейи

Здесь спрятан Ключ!!!

Тот, кто расшифрует текст, спрятанный здесь и построенный по принципу древних манускриптов, обретёт силу всех образов.

Я отрекаюсь от этого мира ,
Странник корабль летит в мир иной.
С собою беру только лиру.

Самые древние знания об истории человечества и вселенной читай в откровениях Марии.